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At twelve22 design our priority is understanding the specific needs of each client and making sure we apply them throughout the entire design process. This customer-driven approach is why we’ve become an acclaimed Product Design Studio.

As part of this philosophy, we include our clients in every step of the creative process to ensure that our work is exactly what they need. The end result is an inspiring and breakthrough design that will boost their profile in countless ways. Ready to reinvent your business and create magical end-results? Connect with us and let’s get started.

Glossy Spiral
Flat Round Elements
Glass Hand
Blue Abstract Shape
Laptop home screen
Fitness App
Nail Art
Marshmallows and Milk
Beauty Products
Canvas Bag Madrid
Branded Hat
Green Theme
Bath Products
Box of Croissants
Grey Theme Portrait
Flowers midair
Glasses and Notebook
Mixed Media Design
Woman Artist
Young Businessman
Young Woman with Curly Hair


Creative Director


Office Manager




Collaborations & Achievements

We try to work with companies in a range of industries and sectors; it’s how we keep our designs and approach fresh. Since we first started twelve22 design in 2000, we’ve worked with numerous incredible companies and individuals.

Client 4


Marketing & Branding

Volve was one of our first clients, and they played a substantial role in our growth. Over the years, we have come together and joined forces on a wide range of interesting projects. They will always be an important source of inspiration.

Client 1


Branding Solutions

When we were approached by Sovix, we knew we would create something special together. They consistently refer to working with us as one of their favorite partnerships. Our collaboration has been the perfect opportunity to showcase our skills.

Client 7


Shared Design Vision

Polar is one of the biggest clients we’ve worked with to date. While this partnership started out small, it grew to become invaluable. We couldn’t be more proud of what was produced, and look forward to many more fruitful collaborations.

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